Turtletub Features Overview

TurtleTub Baby infant swaddle bath is for bathing preterm and full-term infants up to 3 months of age. Swaddle bathing is a researched based practice for infant bathing and is routinely performed in many baby friendly hospitals. Wrap your baby in our warm swaddle bath blanket and place him in the TurtleTub. Unwrap the blanket, exposing one body part at a time to wash and watch your baby relax and enjoy her bath! The built-in temperature strip ensures the correct bath water temperature. The TurtleTub is the leading swaddle bath tub for hospitals around the world, and now it's available for home use.


TT1200 - Infant Swaddle Bath


TT1200 - Infant swaddle bath - Now available on amazon

Includes: TurtleTub infant bathtub with integrated temperature strip, 20" x 30" thermal swaddle bathing blanket, mesh storage bag and step-by-step swaddle bathing instruction manual.


Feature 2

High contours of tub hold infant very securely during bathing. Pour spout makes water removal easy. The TurtleTub is very durable as it has proven to stand up to hospital use. The smooth contours and simple but elegant design make it very easy to clean.

Mesh Storage Bag - Allows TurtleTub to be stored in a convenient place.


Feature 3

Integrated liquid crystal temperature strip senses the water temperature and continually monitors bath water temperature providing a visual readout when the temperature is too hot, too cold and just right.


Our swaddle bathing fleece blanket has been designed with excellent thermal properties keeping baby warm, cozy and happy during bath time.